Build a Bike Volunteers standing in fron

What is Take Bike the Streets?

Take Bike The Streets is a comprehensive program that involves community engagement, economic development and intergenerational environmental education. Our volunteers have committed to organize, decide and act upon projects that will profoundly change our community’s future.The goal of Take Bike the Streets is to capitalize on the NWI’s diverse active transportation needs and implement a multiphase project that makes cycling an accessible and enjoyable activity for all our community and our visitors.

Build a Bike Volunteers standing inside

With 19% of Gary, Indiana's population solely depending on public transportation, biking is more than a recreational activity. In a city of 77,000 and 54 square miles (10 miles larger than San Fransisco) our active transportation needs are both of an urban and rural city.



 8010 Indian Boundary Gary, Lake County 46403USA

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